Such A Noosense!

Christmas Is Such A Noosense!

Such A Noosense!

Such A Noosense!

Killer Santa Claus strings up Cassandra in the early hours of Christmas morning!

Such A Noosense!

Obviously he told her she was naughty not nice!

Such A Noosense!

And before he left, he ate all her cookies!

Such A Noosense!

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Have a Very Happy New Year!!!

Here’s to hanging around the house in 2015!

— Cassandra

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The voices in her head wouldn’t stop.
They told her it would be a good idea to slip that silky noose around her delicate throat and pull it tight. She liked the way it felt as it awakened her sensitive areas.
She stepped off the stool and danced freely on the air. She gasped and her bladder let loose.

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Cinco de Mayo Celebration


Before she knew what was happening to her, she was kidnapped and tied up.

As she comes to, the masked abductor strangles her to fulfill his fiendish desires.

Her lifeless body is now his new plaything. Hasta la vista, baby!

Cassandra Bound

Cassandra Struggles

Cassandra's Ropes Are Tight

Cassandra Strangled

Cassandra's Last Breath


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